Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lights, Camera, Broadcast!

The world of Broadcast media lies in wait for every eager mind who wants to step into the fascinating gates of digital film making. Whether it is journalistic endeavors, an Ad or a daily soap, broadcast media is the buzz word of the entertainment industry, and getting to know the ropes of the trade sure is an interesting career option!

Making a film requires a story whose base starts from a thought. If there is a thought process to create a perfect script, and you know what kind of cast and crew you need to get the reels rolling, then, we say, go for it!
There’s no other place than SeamEdu where you can be assured of learning the tiniest of intricacies in this vocation – be it acting or anchoring. The institute offers a plethora of workshops and sessions with experts from the field who teach our students the ins and outs of the trade. Whether it is on stage or off it – broadcast media is a field offering loads of action, drama and thrills like no other vocation!
So, guys, get into the action boots and prepare to venture behind the fascinating silver screens. If movies hold your fascination, get to know firsthand what goes into directing, scripting, producing, acting and editing.
Experience your First Cut with SeamEdu…

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Music… The Indian Way

The rhythm of the tabla, the lilting notes from the flute – Indian classical music is a priceless legacy. Passed on to our forefathers from their forefathers, the Indian musical infrastructure is so intricately embellished in our psyche, that the faintest of beats sends our feet tapping to the classical tunes.

The students of SeamEdu are in the midst of a workshop on Indian classical music and our native techniques of producing sound. Every alternate Saturday, vocalist Prof. Anjali Malkar will be addressing the enthusiastic students of Sound Engineering at SeamEdu, sharing her wealth of musical knowledge with eager young minds.

In her first session addressing the FAQs on how sound is produced and the significance of sound in our science and scriptures, she emphasized that Indian music is a perfect blend of technique and emotion. “Music”, she said, “is ineffectual without emotion. It is the language of the heart”.

According to her, Indian music is based on the Shruti or microtone pattern, rather than the swaras. While opening her discussion, she began with a bhajan accompanied by an electronic tanpura, and invited feedback on the effect that the sound so produced had on the listening students. She concluded, the aim of Indian music is to achieve Salvation, to attain moksha.

In her session, she addressed the strong points of distinction between Indian music and its western counterparts, while also going over the aesthetic approach to sound boldly visible in the Indian musical set up.

The students of SeamEdu eagerly await her ensuing sessions, where Prof. Malkar proposes to address issues like timbre, pitch, volume and consonants in Indian music, and how each one of these factors can be aptly employed to create a perfect ensemble of Sound

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Careers in Motion

Animation is THE most upcoming genre of the film industry – extending to advertising, gaming, short films as well as every other media. The Animation sector in India is booming, with hundreds of cartoons coming up from abroad as well as from home replete with special effects. What’s more, youngsters everywhere are trying their luck and creativity in designing any animation. Many Indian companies too, are looking out for fresh talent in the field of animation.

As a vocation, animation field has already grown and gained appreciation. The dedicated Gen Next has creativity and dexterity, which is giving us, the onlookers, reason enough to appreciate them.

Now what makes all this possible? Years of practice and imagination put on the paper backed by the technical know-how of modern software. Top quality professional guidance is given by the institutes like SeamEdu, with extensive facility to hone upcoming talent. Here, the artist in the student can truly come alive, giving a voice to the best of the best in versatility, imagination and unblemished originality…

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Making Music

Do you think you can create award winning music? Explore your knack of making music, recording, editing and mixing a variety of sounds, and eventually create something new - never heard before! Find yourself unravel your flair for sound manipulation at a premier institute in Pune – SeamEdu.

SeamEdu is the only Diploma school in India to be recognized by Digidesign (Europe), making it the best choice for all those wishing to build a promising career in music. We provide our students with highest quality equipment to facilitate the sound engineering projects our students undertake. With us, 9 IMac workstations each with Mbox 2 and an M-Audio MIDI Keyboard for Music Production are in place, while every student has an independent workstation. As a career opportunity, a lot of youngsters are choosing to follow this upcoming trend. The zest that our students show while mixing sound with creativity and a unique bent of mind never fails to refresh. This field has become a way of life for all those who love giving life a peppy background score.

The art of capturing sound, modifying it and producing new jingles is a field that requires immense study. This interesting vocation only requires a combination of skill, talents, quality and self motivation.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Jockeying Through the Ages

Radio jockeying today, is almost like a cult in today’s careers. With its roots in the days gone by, when the radio announcer would announce news tid-bits via data lines while playing your favorite songs, today it has undergone a glamorous face lift. Now this profession is equated more with creativity than simplicity and hordes of youngsters yearn to become RJs and provide entertainment on air

In this vocation, you can truly explore the range of your versatility. Be it in voice, style, expression, dialogue or just slap stick comedy that will keep your listeners hooked, as an RJ, your job has a diverse portfolio.

This is a fast growing industry with more channels on air catching up the community and entertaining them from every corner of the city, all over the globe. Numerous short term and long-term courses are offered by recognized institutes for aspiring students. SeamEdu is an institute in Pune which aims at delivering professional education to the RJ students. It has state of the art infrastructure to give practical training, and this exposure is sure to keep students well versed with the expectations of the industry.

With realistic exposure, performances and experience, a greenhorn can emerge as a professional in this upcoming field.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Start Tweeting with SeamEdu!

Seamless Education Academy is all up for the latest trends on the internet! We are eager to reach out to you over various media of social networking, and this has prompted us to make our presence felt on Twitter – joining in all the Tweeting fun that lies in store!

With twitter, we hope to keep in touch with fellow tweeters by putting up mini preludes to our blog posts. So, watch out for the buzz of SeamEdu on Twitter and let’s get the tweeting going!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Education sans boundaries

Education they say, has been bracketed as the fourth necessity. It is time, that education not just reaches all, but that all reach out to the various spheres that education offers. Hardly in this new age can education be restricted to the technicalities of science. We have to make an effort to blend creativity and a lateral thought process with technique to keep the cycle of innovation running, to keep the wheels of progress turning.

And this is exactly what Seamless Education Academy is undertaking. With a plethora of new age career options for contemporary students to choose from, we offer courses in off beat vocations like Gemmology, Radio Jockeying, Broadcast Media, Sound Engineering and Animation. The learning we impart is practical, useful, and above all fun!

This is why we proclaim our selves as The Creativersity – where Education is sans boundaries. After all, education has no confines… Education is Seamless.